Zhentao Liang


Room number 312

School of Information Management

Wuhan University

Wuhan 430072, China

Zhentao Liang (梁镇涛) is a Ph.D. candidate in Information Science at the School of Information, Wuhan University, advised by Prof. Gang Li. He is currently a visiting researcher at the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) of Leiden University, working on fine-grained research linkage identification with Dr. Nees Jan van Eck.

His research interests widely include cross-disciplinary knowledge diffusion analysis, emerging topic identification, and full-text scientific document analysis.

Selected publications

  1. Bias against scientific novelty: A pre-publication perspective
    Zhentao Liang, Jin Mao*, and Gang Li*
    Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology 2023
  2. Combining deep neural network and bibliometric indicator for emerging research topic prediction
    Zhentao Liang, Jin Mao*, Kun Lu, Zhichao Ba, and Gang Li
    Information Processing & Management 2021
  3. Finding citations for PubMed: a large-scale comparison between five freely available bibliographic data sources
    Zhentao Liang, Jin Mao*, Kun Lu, and Gang Li
    Scientometrics 2021
  4. Quantifying cross-disciplinary knowledge flow from the perspective of content: Introducing an approach based on knowledge memes
    Jin Mao, Zhentao Liang*, Yujie Cao, and Gang Li
    Journal of Informetrics 2020